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Sari S.r.l. manufactures and markets washing, misting and purification systems.

Thanks to the experience gained over more than 40 years of activity, Sari is a reference point in the washing equipment sector, counting approximately 1,600 customers to whom it offers, among others, consulting, design, maintenance and assistance services on the products supplied.

Sari designs and manufactures gantry truck washing systems for washing regular vehicles. These systems work by applying detergent to the surface of the truck and then act with the brushes in a fully automatic manner. They can also be equipped with other optional extras.

Lavaggio mezzi speciali

The heavy and special vehicle washing offered by Sari is the ideal solution for cleaning vehicles that are difficult to wash with a traditional brush system, given their irregular bodywork. The system uses high-pressure water to reach even the most critical spots.

The vehicles concerned are especially those for waste collection and disposal, tankers as well as heavy vehicles such as trucks, tractors and mechanical shovels for working or moving earth.

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The self-service truck wash system allows the manual washing of vehicles; it is characterised by the presence of one or more flag arms that move casually over the entire length and width of the vehicle, making it very practical and simple to use.

The system is characterised by accurate and precise washing because it allows the lances to reach every part of the vehicle.

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The washing and testing cabins built by Sari make it possible to test, try out and wash every mechanical part and machine.
They are custom-designed and built according to specific space and load requirements.

Sari produces systems for repeated washing needs, suitable for washing and sanitising the same space several times, solving the problem of transporting a mobile pressure washer. These modules are customisable to the specific needs of each situation.

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Sari regenerates car wash portals, offering them to customers with an as-new guarantee. We have a wide range of systems for all requirements, characterised by their convenience, speed and precision in washing operations.

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Sari has years of experience in the field of water purification and is now able to offer the market the most suitable purifiers and filters for the specific situation, solving all problems of water recycling and reuse.


The misting systems we produce make it possible to

– eliminate odours and sanitise environments such as quarries, waste collection centres, cement works, large industries, foundries, restaurants, livestock farms and stables.

– lower the high temperature in an indoor and/or outdoor environment also through the use of industrial fans.

– abate dust in dusty work environments.